Cozmo Robot: New Artificial Intelligence Technology

Cozmo is a specific and little robot that has designed by Anki. It is the coolest form of a robot with blue eyes. It is completely equipped with artificial intelligence. Cozmo robots are also known as Anki’s Cozmo. It is an effective combination of robotics as well as artificial intelligence technology. This robotics technology is user-friendly that you can easily access.

Anki’s Cozmo is similar to the other kind robots but has additional contents. It is gaining more popularity in the toy world. If you want to buy this robotics toy then, you can check out Cozmo Robot Black Friday deals and choose your dream robot. There will be many considerable things about this product that you have to consider carefully.

The Cozmo robotic is a fantastic manmade machine that has amazing features. We will discuss some amazing features of Cozmo later in this article. This kind of robot is much similar which you have seen in the movies. It is one of the coolest robots that you can buy online.

Key Features & Design

The structure of Anki’s Cozmo is cute which has 128 x 64 displays on the face of this toy. It has two eyes which color is blue and arms equipped with AI. You will get three blocks with this product that loves by the Cozmo. These blocks are designed with a special pattern, and Cosmo loves to play it.


The Cozmo has its own CPU, and it is fully packed with technology. It is completely based on artificial intelligent, and it has four to five gear. It can be operated with the help of smart phones and tablets. Connect your Cozmo with Wi-Fi network and install its applications. You can get its apps on the Android, IOS or play store easily.

Code lab

Its structure is similar to the robotic toy. It is fully equipped with artificial technology. This is a specific toy for the new generation of children and much more expensive than other toys. This is programmed based technology. In simple words, you can say that the working structure is based on the coding.

Explore mode

This mode of Cozmo is one of the favorite modes, especially for the children. In explorer mode, you can use your Cozmo as an RC car that you can control via a table or smart phones. So if you want to buy this product, then you can go for Cozmo robot black Friday which one will be the best for you.